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Anyone who has ever started his or her own business knows what an enormous undertaking it can be. This is an endeavor that requires dedication, planning, preparation and sustained hard work. Getting your new business off the ground brings both excitement and nervousness. It also requires a great deal of financial resources. If you’re applying for a loan to start your business, you’ll need a business plan. But before you hastily throw together some words on page briefly talking about what your business is all about, take these key factors into account to help ensure your plan will lead to success.

Make it Professional 

This document holds great importance, and you should treat it as such. When you write your plan, do so carefully and meticulously. Be sure there are no spelling errors or grammatical issues. Write in a professional tone but in a way that is clear and engaging. A poorly written plan reflects negatively on you and your competence and abilities.

Talk About Your Products

Regardless of what industry your business will occupy, it’s critical to give detailed information about the products and services you will offer. Describe thoroughly what you’ll be selling and why customers will want and need these items. Explain how customers will benefit from what you offer and how these products set you apart from competitors.

Outline Your Marketing Plan

All businesses need a marketing strategy, and for a startup such as yours, an effective plan is essential if you hope to accomplish your goals. Your business plan should discuss market research as well as what your sales and advertising aims are. Highlight how you intend to use public relations and sales to maximize your products’ potential and build your customer base.

Avoid the Vagueness

Too often, entrepreneurs have lofty dreams but struggle identifying key steps in the business-building process. Resist the temptation to be cryptic and vague when describing your business. Be specific and clear about every aspect of your business.

List the Key Players and What They Will Do

Every business plan should include a section about the executive team and how each member fits into the business. Tell your lender and investors about the leaders of your business; show each key person’s experience and expertise and how these attributes should instill confidence that this business will thrive.

As you write a compelling business plan, you’ll have a roadmap to successfully running your newly created organization. You’ll also be on the way to securing the funding and financial backing you need.

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