Don’t Think Poor Credit Precludes You from Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

Credit issues have derailed more than one commercial real estate transaction in the past. Thus, if you and/or your company happen to have a poor credit profile, you should know that you’re not alone. You’re also not without options when it comes to securing commercial real estate financing. The traditional school of thought is that real estate loans are only available to those companies with impeccable credit. Given the many options available on today’s lending market, that’s no longer the case. The Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan program offered here at ISOE Commercial Capital is proof of that.

Detailing Our Stated Income Loans

Unlike traditional loan options whose primary qualifying criteria is a high credit score, stated income loans take other factors into consideration when determining your ability to borrow. In regards to commercial real estate, those factors include:

  • The ability of the property being considered to generate income
  • Whether or not that income would be sufficient to the service the mortgage
  • The taxes and insurance fees that are associated with the property

Depending upon the type of property that you are considering, you can qualify for financing even with LTVs as high as 65-75 percent. If your property is able to meet our lending criteria, then you could potentially qualify for as much as $5 million on payment schedules of up to 25 years. Are you already in a property and simply want to refinance or cash out some of your equity? Our stated income loans allow you to that as well. Best of all, your loan turnaround time is rarely an issue. We know full well that in the competitive commercial real estate market, time is of the essence when closing a deal. Thus, we strive to get your financing completed and closed in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Don’t let a poor credit score fool you into thinking that you have no way to secure your next commercial property. Here at ISOE Commercial Capital, we here to help your company move forward, not remain mired in its past. To get your loan application started, simply give one of our commercial finance experts a call today.