Helping to Meet Your Health Care Clinic’s Costs

No matter the stage of your medical career that you may currently be in, the expenses associated with your practice can often be overwhelming. Given that the very nature of your work already carries with it a certain amount of stress, such financial concerns can quickly result in panic. Not to worry; every member of our team here at ISOE Commercial Capital values the work that you do, which is why we’ve created a unique Medical and Healthcare Financing program to help assist you when times get tough.

How Our Financing Options Can Help You

We can get you anywhere between $75,000-$250,000 to help address any of the financial needs related to your medical practice, such as:

  • Practice acquisitions: We’ll help fund your buying into or taking over an already established clinic.
  • Equipment needs: Whether you’re looking to lease new equipment or buy it outright, we’ll provide you with the financial means to do it.
  • Working capital: Turn to us if your ever in need of working capital to help support your day-to-day operations or fund your expansion.

All of our financing packages can be extended out as long as 72 months, and are not reported to any of the three major credit agencies.

As a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or chiropractor, your chief concern should be the well-being of your patients. Let the financing options that we offer through our Healthcare and Medical Financing program help secure your clinic’s financial stability before money concerns ever have the chance at becoming an issue. For an in-depth explanation of the details of this program, give us a call today.