Raise the Bar on Your Business Finances

If your company offer services or products to clients who pay in at least 30 days, then ISOE Commercial Capital would like to offer you a financing option known as accounts receivable. Also known as factoring, this lending option works by buying up your current accounts receivable invoices at a lowered rate. Our financing pros are familiar with working with companies that are just getting started, those that are experiencing financial hardship and companies currently in bankruptcy. The reason we’re able to work with so many different types of businesses is we put our focus on your customer’s credit, not yours.

Understanding Receivables Financing

One thing we like to make crystal clear about financing receivables is that it’s the selling of an asset rather than another debt to take on. Once you’ve agreed to let us offer you this liquidity solution, we’ll take a close and careful examination of your customer’s credit to make sure there aren’t any red flags of which you need to be made aware.

Additional aspects of our factor accounts receivable program include:

  • No fixed payments
  • Receive your funding in 24 hours
  • Businesses in every industry are eligible for funding
  • Even if the account fails to pay out, there’s still no recourse to worry about

Once you’ve started using receivable factoring, you’ll have the ability to take advantage of large purchase and early payment deals from your suppliers, and you’ll likely find your funding gets a boost whenever your receivables and sales increase.

See how easy it can be to fund payroll, grow your business and fulfill any other goals you might have.